How does bioresonance therapy work?

In a bioresonance therapy session, electrodes are placed on the skin. These electrodes are connected to a machine that measures and analyses the energy wavelengths produced by the body.


I am performing the session will use the measurements taken by the bioresonance machine to detect abnormalities and identify unhealthy cells. Next, i will use that information to better understand the underlying causes of the person’s health concern.


The machine used in bioresonance therapy is also meant to change the frequencies of any unusual wavelengths that were detected during the screening. It is thought that the machine can cancel out the abnormalities and return the wavelengths of unhealthy cells to normal. This process is believed to help treat the condition or symptom and create healing deep within the body.


Bioresonance therapy is often used alongside other holistic health practices, so i am may also recommend other treatment modalities.


Most people won’t feel anything happening during treatment when hooked up to the machine via electrodes. A single session may last around an hour, and you may go through several treatment sessions over time. However, this may vary based on the complexity of your condition and the unique approach . 

Each practitioner is different in their approach to healing. So if this is a therapy you are considering, you can ask me to provide ahead of time what to expect during the course of treatment.


What are the potential benefits?

Bioresonance therapy is often used for a wide range of illnesses, symptoms, and diseases. Practitioners use this therapy to determine and treat the underlying causes of almost any health concern you can think of.


Common conditions that bioresonance therapy is used for include:


Food intolerances



Smoking addiction



Rheumatoid arthritis


Stomach pain and digestive disorders


Overtraining syndrome



And many more illnesses, symptoms, and diseases 

Proponents suggest that the general benefits of the technique include restoring the natural flow of the energy in the body, helping align the body’s frequencies, improving mood, boosting energy, reducing toxins, healing the toll of stress, detox your whole body and more


Is bioresonance therapy right for you?

Bioresonance therapy has been used for many decades as an alternative diagnostic and healing tool.

Many people choose to try bioresonance therapy, along with other alternative techniques, when they want to explore all of their options and experiment with various healing modalities to find what is right for them. So, whether you have a chronic health concern or you are just interested in creating optimal health within your body, you may be drawn to bioresonance therapy.

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